GRN Serveis Telemàtics, S.L.
C/Oviedo, 46
17005 – Girona
Telèfon 972230000
FAX 972401185

Office hours: from monday to friday, from 8:00 to 18:00.

GRN Serveis Telemàtics Team

Sales Department
Albert Vehils
Ruben Guerrero
System Administration
Generic Address
Jordi Bou
Ilyas El Mouddenne
David Garcia
Fidel Paco
Júlia Recasens
Technical Direction
Jordi Fàbregas
Esteve Camós

We are Arduino distributors

Our interest in technology in general has led us to offer an online store with a selection of the products we use for our own electronic projects, following the maker philosophy[...]