monitoritzacioServers allocated in GRN have a continuous monitoring by ICMP in order to detect possible availability problems.

If you want to receive alerts in your mailbox about the availability of your server, and add other services, you can contract our monitoring service. It includes, with a 5 minutes frequency, the monitoring of the following services: PING, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, ICMP, DNS.

Monthly fee Fixed fee
Monitoring service with e-mail alerts 20€ 20€
Monitoring service with e-mail and SMS alerts 35€ 20€
These prices don’t include taxes
The SNMP agent configuration is done by the costumer
SMS alerts has a limit of 100 messages per month and up to 2 different phone numbers

It also includes a graphical tool of the state of some resources like CPU, disk occupation, network traffic and others. See screenshot:

Monitoring graph screenshot

If you need advanced monitoring of other services you can ask us for a personalized budget depending on the complexity of your need.

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