The Virtual  Private Server is the service that the customer has a custom server, but the server is not physically independent, it shares the same hardware with other virtual servers.

These are our rates for virtual servers:


Memory Monthly traffic Monthly rate Fix rate
Virtual Server 20GB disk 512MB 100GB 30€
Virtual Server 40GB disk 1GB 200GB 40€
Virtual Server 60GB disk 1.5GB 300GB 50€
Virtual Server 80GB disk 2GB 400GB 60€
Virtual Server 120GB disk 3GB 600GB 80€
Additional 100MB Internet traffic pack 20€
1Mbps Internet bandwidth 49€
Firewall Service included
ISPCP control pannel for ∞ domains 25€ 200€
Security Management 80€
Monitoring Service with e-mail alerts 20€ 20€
Monitoring Service with e-mail & SMS alerts 35€ 20€
Backup service Our prices
You need to add taxes to these prices
The use of I/O resources can make you jump to a superior plan or the necessity of a dedicated server

Administrated Server Option

These concepts match the users who want a server administrated by themselves. In this case users own the root password  and GRN gives them the specified services. We can extend dedicated servers and dedicated virtual servers with services managed by GRN’s technical staff, in order to give solutions to users who need sysadmin’s support. We have 3 options: administrated only, administrated with ISPCP control pannel or administrated with Owncloud.

These are our administrated services:

Linux Administrated Server Monthly rate Fix rate
Administrated server manager till 50 domains 20€
Pack of additional 50 domains for an administrated server 10€
Antivirus & antispam installation 100€
ISPCP control pannel Monthly rate Fix rate Owncloud Monthly rate Fix rate
ISPCP Control Pannel 10€ 200€ Owncloud Service 10€ 100€
You need to add taxes to these prices
ISPCP or Owncloud are additional services to the administrated server

GRN features and added value

Uninterrupted electricity supply
GRN’s datacenter has an UPS system to ensure the operation of the servers in case of falling electricity supply. And if long-term losses, both UPS and the HVAC system have ensured the supply through a generator.

Temperature control
The servers need to work at temperatures below 20°C, which is why GRN’s datacenter has a redundant air conditioning system and connected to the generator.

Guaranteed and high quality bandwidth
Using the same infrastructure that allows us to provide good connectivity and features explained here, we can guarantee a bandwidth quality for connecting your server to the Internet.

Fixed IP address
The service includes a fixed IP address for your server connectivity to the Internet. If you need more IP addresses, we can offer a range of addresses.

Firewall Service
The service also includes Firewall service. The Firewall is always configured by GRN and It doesn’t have any cost client (provided that the number of rules and changes is reasonable).

More housing options

If you want more information or a custom solution ask us at admin@grn.cat.