GRN offers remote backup for businesses and professionals. The aim is to outsource a backup of the company, protecting both transmission and storage. Remote backups of GRN fully comply with the applicable Spanish Law.

The software used for remote copy from Vembu Storegrid Software is compatible with all current platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOSX and FreeBSD.

The backup is stored in GRN data center in Girona and another replica for extra safety is made in Barcelona.

These are our rates:


Capacity Monthly rate Initial rate
5GB 55€ 0€
10GB 60€ 0€
20GB 65€ 0€
30GB 80€ 0€
40GB 100€ 0€
50GB 120€ 0€
100GB 140€ 0€
150GB 150€ 0€
200GB 160€ 0€
250GB 190€ 0€
300GB 230€ 0€
400GB 290€ 0€
500GB 350€ 0€
750GB 420€ 0€
1000GB 500€ 0€
1500GB 600€ 0€
Agent addicional 21€ 0€
Advanced Plugin 14€ 0€
You have to add taxes to this prices

This is the look of the software we use:

backup remot

GRN’s value added

  • If you have a problem and you need to retrieve a large amount of data you can come to GRN to pick them up directly and save time on system recovery.

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