• linia-150VoIP line is the service offered to home users. It allows you to make calls from home with a much cheaper cost and billed per second.

    This type of line is compatible with any broadband Internet connection (ADSL, SDSL, Fiber, Wimax), which can save the consumption of traditional voice line.

    In addition, you can use different types of equipment to be able to use our service. To preserve the old terminals and existing infrastructure, we have adapters for analog phones to VoIP technology or you can replace them by VoIP terminals.

    The main features of the service are:

    • You can move your thelephone number to GRN
    • We can assign you a new number
    • Voice mail
    • Call forwarding
    • Call forwarding depending on a timetablei
    • Incoming calls black list (reject calls from numbers that you don’t want).

    Ask for more information at admin@grn.cat

  • GRN rates are much cheaper than traditional telephony prices, both national  and international rates. This is because VoIP uses Internet to transport the voice instead of the traditional phone service.

    You can check rates at the following link (in catalan), but in the following table you have a little summary:


    Destination rate
    Spain 0.02€/minute
    Spain mobile 0.12€/minute
    Europe (CEE) 0.02€/minute


    However, GRN wants to propose two flat rates, in order to reach a cheaper telephone invoice:

    Plan Minutes to spain Minuts to Spain mobile Monthly rate
    Plan 15 400 100 15€
    Plan 30 1000 200 30€
    * If you exceed the plan minutes, the following will be charged to the regular rate

  • If you do not want to buy a VoIP phone, GRN can rent you a device.

    Telephone Description Monthly rate

    Linksys PAP2T / Cisco SPA211
    This gateway allows us to connect 2 analog phones to an Asterisk PBX. This allows us to use old technology at cost or features that justifies it. For example in the case of DECT phones.

    You can download its datasheet here.


    Linksys SPA303G
    This model is typical of Cisco for a normal user.

    You can download the technical specifications of this phone here.



    Snom 300
    This model is typical of Snom for a normal user.

    You can download the technical specifications of this phone here.

    * Any telephone rental includes a geographic DDI number

GRN’s VoIP prices

The following table summarizes GRN’s VoIP call rates, for more destination please see the complete list.

Destination Minute price Call establishment rate
Spain fixed 0.02€/min 0€
Spain mobile 0.06€/min 0€
CEE 0.02€/min 0€
You need to add taxes to these prices