• dominiTo register an Internet domain is equivalent to register our trademark. If you have a domain, yoy have a name on the Internet which we associate to your website, your email addresses or any other service that uses the Internet domain names.

    There are many types of domains, and ICANN (an international nonprofit organization) is the highest authority. The domains can be grouped into two groups: generic and territorial.

    Generic domains are those that everybody can register without too many limitations, and whatever your nationality were. The most popular domains of this group are: .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz.

    Territorial domains, however, associate our name in a particular country or territory. For example, in Catalonia .cat, in Spain .es, in France .fr, in Germany .de and so on. You can view the full list at this link. In each country there is a non-profit organization that is responsible for its management, and It controls the terms and conditions of registration of its domain. In Catalonia is PuntCAT Foundation and in Spain is EsNIC. The domain .cat is a reserved domain for the Catalan linguistic and cultural community. If you want to use it your website must have a minimum content in Catalan.

    GRN can manage your domain throughout the whole process: registration, renewal, transfer, etc … Ask for information at admin@grn.cat.

    And once I have my own domain what do I have to do? You can associate it to a GRN hosting plan.

    The most common domains are:

    .com .net .org .info .biz
    .cat .es .eu .fr .de
    .jp .mx .cn .pt .us
    .co.uk .it .ru .gr .ph
    .pe .pl .ma .co

    Ask for information at admin@grn.cat.

  • Dynamic DNS or DDNS is the method to update, in real time, a DNS entry that points to a connection that has dynamic IP address. With this feature, if you have a connection with a service behind a dynamic IP address, you can use DDNS to reference the connection without being affected by changes in the IP address. So, even if the IP address changed, the DNS name remains unchanged.

    The prices of this service are:

    Activation rate
    Annual rate
    DDNS Service with a GRN connection 0€ 20€
    DDNS Service without a GRN connection 0€ 10€
    You need to add taxes to this prices
    The activation rate doesn’t include the installation of the script in the client side

    GRN’s DDNS client is a script for Linux systems. You can download this script to update DDNS entries here.
    You can ask out about this service at admin@grn.cat.

    Deploy to see a working example

    Assume that the company “FSM” has a ADSL connection with a dynamic IP address. His manager wants to be able to connect to the computer at work from home using Terminal Server through a VPN connection. The problem begins when we can not configure the IP in the VPN connection because it is dynamic, we need a DDNS.

    The company requests the DDNS service to GRN, which assigns the DNS fsm.dyn.grn.es to the company connection. The company has a GRN’s Linux-based firewall and they need to install the script that updates the DNS name. This script can be downloaded from here and have to be configured with the parameters GRN give you. You have to add an execution of this script in the cron system to check the IP and update the DNS name if it changes with the desired frequency.

    From there, the manager of the company “FSM” can use a VPN that connects to the office through the use of the DNS entry fsm.dyn.grn.es