What is an ADSL/VDSL line?

ADSL lines leverage the existing copper telephone wiring in homes of users to get an internet connection with a bandwidth significantly. Its technical basis is to pass voice and data through the same telephone line, passing data in a higher frequency than the frequency used in voice communications. Once the line reaches the user, it installs a filter to avoid any inconvenience in telephone conversations frequencies caused by the data.

One feature of ADSL lines is its asymmetry, so download and upload speeds are not the same. Download speed is always superior to upload speed, because ADSL technology is oriented to surfing the web.

VDSL lines are the evolution of ADSL lines with the feature of reaching 30Mbps over copper wires.

What is a SDSL line?

SDSL are technologically the same as ADSL lines, with the difference that in this case they are symmetrycal, so download and upload speeds are the same.

Nowadays, ADSL lines are the most common way to connect to Internet. Their lacks are:

  • The lack of coverage in zones away from the telephony central. We can solve this lack using WiMax technology.
  • Limit speed of copper lines has been reached, but the fiber optics Network called FTTH will make Internet advance to the next step of its evolution.

What kind of ADSL lines does GRN offer?

Kind Speed Warranty Fix rate Monthly rate static IP
Domestic Basic 1Mbps/320Kbps 0% 97€ 24€ No
Domestic Maxima * 3Mbps/320Kbps 0% 97€ 29€ No
Domestic Top * 10Mbps/800Kbps 0% 97€ 39€ No
VDSL 30M Lite 30Mbps/1Mbps 0% 97€ 57€ No
VDSL 30M Pro 30Mbps/3Mbps 0% 97€ 70€ No
Professional Basic 1Mbps/320Kbps 10% 97€ 39€ included
Professional Basic Pro 1Mbps/320Kbps 50% 97€ 57€ included
Professional Class 2Mbps/320Kbps 10% 97€ 57€ included
Professional Class Pro 2Mbps/320Kbps 50% 97€ 100€ included
Professional Advance 4Mbps/512Kbps 10% 97€ 57€ included
Professional Advance Pro 4Mbps/512Kbps 50% 97€ 100€ included
Professional Premium 8Mbps/640Kbps 10% 97€ 70€ included
Professional Premium Pro 8Mbps/640Kbps 50% 97€ 150€ included
These prices don’t include taxes
Router and other devices depending on needs
Outside Girona province the monthly rate is increased by 10€ and the fixed rate by 23€

What kind of SDSL lines does GRN offer?

Kind Speed Warranty Fixed rate
Monthly rate
static IP
SDSL 800K 800Kbps/800Kbps 50% 97€ 90€ included
SDSL 1M 1Mbps/1Mbps * 50% 97€ 100€ included
SDSL 1.2M 1.2Mbps/1.2Mbps 50% 97€ 120€ included
SDSL 1.5M 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps * 50% 97€ 150€ included
SDSL 2M 2Mbps/2Mbps 50% 97€ 180€ included
SDSL 4M 4Mbps/4Mbps 50% 147€ 320€ included
These prices don’t include taxes
Router and other devices depending on needs

We have to check if the needed speed is available in a specific location, availability dependens on the distance to the telephony central and its technology. The connections marked with an asterisk are only available in the province of Girona.

You need a copper line to install an ADSL line, if the customer does not have any existing analog line will need to hire a copper line without telephone service which costs 10€ extra per month. In the case of ADSL lines outside the province of Girona always were mounted on a new copper pair, for this reason we have this fixed additional monthly cost.

GRN’s value added

One feature of GRN is our flexibility and custom solutions. Some features we offer are:

  • Rang of IP addresses in ADSL/VDSL/SDSL connections.
  • Fixed IP in all the professional connections without cost.
  • Multiple ADSL’s and SDSL’s with private addresses for inter-offices connectivity.
  • Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. See this section
  • Technical helpdesk with real sttaff will help you to find an answer to your technical questions.

More connectivity options.

If you need a custom solution, ask for it at admin@grn.cat.