• PHP is a programming language similar to C that provides web pages with a great interactivity, database access or graphics generation. On this website you will find all the documentation you may need: FAQs, manuals, reviews … GRN is one of the official PHP mirrors in Spain. http://es.php.net.

    Debian is one of the most popular distributions of the operating system GNU/Linux. Debian GNU/Linux provides more stuff than a standard operating system and includes thousands of packages, precompiled software and distributed in a format for easy installation and maintenance. The official Debian site is http://www.debian.org. You can find our mirror in http://debian.grn.cat, but you can configure your repository to point to our ftp mirror ftp://debian.grn.cat.

    Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of the operating system GNU/Linux, especially in desktop environments. Ubuntu is based on Debian kernel, with the aim of making a more user-friendly environment. Ubuntu philosophy is based on the following principles: that software should be free, people have to be able to use the software in their native language and people have to be able to do so regardless of any limitations, moreover, people should be free to customize or modify the software in any way it deems most appropriate. The official website of Ubuntu is http://www.ubuntu.com.

    You can find our mirror in http://ubuntu.grn.cat, or if you want to use ftp ftp://ubuntu.grn.cat.

    How to configure your ubuntu working with the GRN mirror

    To configure your computer to use our mirror you can find the instructions here (launchpad.net)

    For example, in case your version is 12.04 you have to configure the file /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb http://ubuntu.grn.cat/ubuntu/ precise main
    deb-src http://ubuntu.grn.cat/ubuntu/ precise main


    Raspbian is a GNU/Linux distribution for RaspberryPi based on Debian Linux. Once you have downloaded Raspbian image, save it in your SD and you can start working with your RaspberryPi. To record the card image you can follow these instructions created by Adafruit.

    You can find our mirror in http://raspbian.grn.cat, o if you want to use ftp ftp://raspbian.grn.cat.

    In our FTP of Linux Kernel, you’ll find all the versions of Linux kernel appeared to date. The Linux kernel is the heart of the operating system. Linus Torvalds created Linux in 1991 and He is still currently involved in their maintenance. The union of the Linux kernel with the GNU tools formed what is called GNU/Linux. The different distributions of GNU/Linux software opensource create packages so that the end user has a user friendly system with everything you need. You can find our mirror in ftp://ftp.grn.cat/mirrors/kernel.

    Zeroshell is a GNU/Linux distribution for servers and embedded systems with low power consumption in order to provide common network services, with a friendly and easy to use web interface. The official Zeroshell site is http://www.zeroshell.net. You can find our mirror in http://zeroshell.grn.cat.

    Voyage is a GNU/Linux distribution, based on Debian, but specifically designed for embedded systems with low power comsumption, such as Atom or Alix. The official Voyage site is http://www.voyage.hk. Our mirror found in http://voyage.grn.cat.

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    Mozilla is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to developing free software. They think that the Internet is the most important social and technological development of our time and as a public resource we have to  improve and protecte it. GRN uses software of Mozilla project for many years and we recommend it as the best alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. You can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. His best-known projects are the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. The official Mozilla is http://www.mozilla.org. You can find our mirror in http://mozilla.grn.cat.

    Netfilter is an opensource software project used in the GNU/Linux distributions for filtering network packets. The command of this project is more known iptables, which allows us to implement firewalls and NAT functions. The official Netfilter is http://www.netfilter.org. You can find our mirror in http://netfilter.grn.cat.

  • Asterisk, the opensource telephony solution

    Asterisk, the opensource telephony solution

    Asterisk is a software that turns a computer into a complete communications solution. With Asterisk we can develope an Asterisk PBX, a voice converter VoIP, Call Centers, voicemail, fax, and virtually anything you can imagine related to telephony. Asterisk is an open source project sponsored by Digium. GRN uses Asterisk for all the voice solutions we offer. We assenble this software in a Supermicro server (or similar) with Digium, OpenVox or Bernonet telephony boards and SNOM or Cisco phones.[...]

  • Arduino and the opensource movement

    Arduino and the opensource movement

    When we talk about OpenHardware we are talking about all this devices whose specifications, schmatics and internal characteristics are known by its comunity of users. We apply the same filosophy of OpenSource to the world of electronics. We have to remember that open is not the same as free. One of the first OpenHardware platforms and, certainly, the most famous is Arduino. This platform is based on the microcontrollers Atmel Atmega series. In its history It have appeared different versions aimed at different types of projects, varying power microcontroller, size or functionality. The grace of these types of platforms is that you[...]

    Openenergymonitor, monitoring energy power

    Openenergymonitor, monitoring energy power

    The openenergymonitor project was born to achieve an open hardware platform to measure a reliable and affordable way the energy consumption in everyone home or business. One of the projects we've been doing (in this case Esteve) is a system integrating the Raspberry Pi and openenergymonitor, you can see it here (in catalan).[...]

    Raspberry Pi, a lovely and geek product

    Raspberry Pi, a lovely and geek product

    The non-profit Raspberry Foundation from UK has designed and produced a low-cost computer for educational purposes. The importance of this project is that you have a complete computer (albeit low power) around 30 € + VAT. The Raspberry Pi user community is growing dramatically and is becoming a device for all types of inventions. See for example the Adafruit blog. GRN is playing with the device from the beginning (also on sale at the shop) and we are using it for various projects, follow our blog and twitter and see the possibilities you have.[...]