What is a FTP service ?

The FTP service was the first protocol used in Internet to exchange  data files, and today is still the most common method to transmit large files. There is a server device where you will the files and a client device (usually a computer) that can save or download them remotely. more information here.


When we have to exchange small files we usually send them via email. If you try to use this solution in general, we find that most email servers limit the size of files you can send to (in general) about 10MB, and moreover download a large file will not always interest the recipient (for example if you read the mail from the phone).

Manageable FTP service is designed for companies that need to exchange large files (from 10M) between different users. We offer a manageable environment for the client to manage the different FTP users.

Price table:

Disc space
Monthly traffic Price
1GB 10GB 10€
2GB 10GB 15€
5GB 25GB 30€
10GB 50GB 50€
25GB 100GB 100€
50GB 200GB 150€
You need to add taxes to these prices
Annual rates has 20% discount

Usually you load the files through FTP protocol while downloading can be done indifferently through FTP or using the functions available through the web interface.

Feature to share files with a temporal link


What FTP client can I use?

If you are looking for a program that works as FTP client, the option that we recommend is to use the Filezilla. It is a free and open source application.

You can download it from here.

If you want more information or a testing account, ask for more informació at admin@grn.cat.