Security maintenance

This is an additional service that can be contracted with any of the categories of housing. GRN checks as often contracted, the state of the operating system services installed and that their safety has not been compromised. This does not include maintenance or repair of vulnerabilities due to the code developed for the website.

A part of security, GRN can offer you two other maintenance:

Hardware maintenance

Aquest manteniment està inclòs en tots els servidor que siguin propietat de GRN. Davant d’un problema de hardware, GRN actuarà de la manera més ràpida possible per normalitzar el servei. En cas de servidors propietat del client, aquest servei no està inclòs.

This maintenance is included in every server owned by GRN. If a hardware problem appears, GRN will act as quickly as possible to enable the service. If the server is owned by the costumer, this service is not included.

Service maintenance

In addition, and being based on a previous study, we can provide maintenance of specific services that are not included in the maintenance of security standard.

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