What is cloud computing?

The concept of cloud computing is used to describe a lot of new ways to use the resources that internet providers offer to our customers.

We believe that a good definition of cloud computing would be an infrastructure or a software platform that offers a service with the features of being multiplatform, on demand, scalable and ubiquitous. So, services are available from anywhere you have connection, easy to expand if necessary, usable on any platform and/or device with the important feature that we can forgot about the infrastructure that supports the service.

This service offered by GRN is a storage file system on the Internet in order to facilitate access from multiple devices or sharing between multiple users. The service is based on the standard WebDAV protocol. Using this protocol you can use any WebDAV client found on the network, and therefore it’s useable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc …

The main risk of the cloud service offered by large companies that we don’t know where are our data, and we don’t know who will have access to them. In order to give a good answer to this, GRN is using software platforms that allow you to apply the cloud philosophies, but controlling where the data and its use. So you can have a complete infrastructure for your private use. Although there are many free products in cloud, you would think as @albertcuesta says “if you do not pay for something it means that you are the product.”

If you would like to synchronize the calendar and address book between multiple devices, maybe you would need our solution Zimbra.

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In other definitions, you can incorporate high availability in case of fail of a node as a cloud service feature. This means that the service provider not only has different geographically distant nodes, but also the service is designed in giving us more than one node and therefore never affect us a node fail. Obviously, GRN isn’t an international provider of services and we don’t have this feature, at the moment… 🙂


In both dedicated and shared modes, GRN can offer a reasonable price to meet your needs with a guaranteed quality of service.

GRN value added

  • Possibility of a totally private system in GRN or your offices.
  • Multiplataform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, …)

If you use iPhone or iPad you can find the Apple iOS OwnCloud client in  iTunes. Or if you are using Android devices you have to go to Google Play.

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