• llista_correuGRN’s distribution list service allows you to send mailings to many recipients to make your advertising campaigns or announcements and notifications to your company employees and clients, without the need to suffer if you enter in a list of junk mail (spam).With this service you can work with multiple mailing lists assigning different settings to each individual list as the sender’s name and address of origin. You can duplicate a message between lists to save time when sending messages to the same people, such as a monthly newsletter.

    With the visual editor (WYSIWYG) you can make more complex messages with mixing HTML text and images easely. You can also view your monthly consumption statistics. In addition, list managers can enter each list through web panel or upload them from a CSV file which you can generate with programs like Excel.

    Ask for more information at admin@grn.cat


    Screenshot of GRN mailing list service

  • llista_correu

    Mailing lists allow sending messages between groups of users. It replaces the sending of emails to a large number of recipients, in order to obtain the following advantages:

    • The mailing list has only one mail address, which replaces the entire list of recipients, making it easy to remember.
    • Our mail client sends one e-mail to the mail server, then the server converts it in as many mails as adresses the mailing list has, thus optimizing sending email from your computer (especially if the mail has attachments).
    • We ensure that we do not forget any recipient. If many users were e-mailing each other, it is very easy for someone to leave a user and this user will stop receiving emails from the rest.
    • We can do that only users of the list can use the list or everybody is allowed to use it. If the list is private, the administrator can decide in each case what to do with emails from a user outside the list.
    • You can configure the list in a way that only the administrator can create or delete users on the list, or you can configure it in a way that users will be able to join the list themselves.

    Ask for information to admin@grn.cat