The fax service is part of a technology over 100 years old and generally outdated. The transfer of pages and images is nowadays done with most modern ways such as email.

However, the fax is still used by many users and companies. For this reason GRN developed the IP Fax service, which can receive and send fax pages through email.

Being a service like email, please keep in mind that there are different attacks in Internet, such as phishing or spoofing where users pretend to be others. For this reason, GRN IP Fax service has various security measures to solve this problems.

To send a fax, you have to attach the PDF document in an e-mail intended for: <destination-number>.<security-code>@fax.grn.cat. If the originating email and the security code are correct, the fax will be sent to the destination number. Receptioning faxes is easy, the document is sent to your fax number and once it’s received by GRN we sent it to you through email in PDF format.

Concept Price
Initial rate for IP fax service 30€
Monthly rate DDI + 5 mailboxes 5€
Sent fax calls to fixed national numbers 0.02€/min
You need to add taxes to this prices