GRN was born in 1995 with an infrastructure composed of a server and a Linux BBS, so our history with this operating system back to the very beginning and we think that has been the key to our success and the fact that we even exist as independent ISP.

This experience supports us as consultants in Linux and open source for all common issues that are usually used in the Internet world.

Today the range of devices that run Linux is huge, and it can be found at the enterprise level from file servers, database, web server with PHP and MySQL, mail servers, firewalls, proxies, routers, and a long etcetera.

The flexibility of this system is such that it reaches the point where your television with your internet or phone is very likely to be using the Linux kernel and some component of free software.

GRN can bring our experience to help you find the best solution in each case, as well as to integrate open source products in order to get a solution to your preference.

If you have a Linux server for some of the services you use, we can also make the maintenance of security updates, and any incident that may be causing problems to the system

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