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    Our PBX are personalized and tailored to the needs of each costumer. We base every PBX on the Asterisk software that turns any computer into a PBX. For small projects, we use Supermicro servers with low-power Intel Atom processors. For larger projects, we use servers with more power, so that they are much more scalable and the hardware does not become a constraint.

    We can add different types of cards to these servers, usually from Digium, Openvox and Beronet for the PBX interconnecting with traditional lines:

    • Analog lines
    • ISDN BRI lines
    • ISDN PRI lines

    Additionally, this versatility also gives us the option to interconnect VoIP PBX with other devices:

    • GSM lines
    • Door Openers connected to the telephony system
    • Video door openers

    And we can offer different service configurations:

    • Unlimited extensions
    • EscenariClientsDiversos_engCostumized entrance recording
    • Entrance menu with options
    • Timetable definitions
    • Attended call transfers
    • unattended call transfers
    • Voicemail
    • Call pickup
    • Waiting calls
    • Costumized music on hold
    • Short dialing

  • The telephone is the part with which the user has more interaction, and for this reason, we focused in families of telephones that meet all the objectives of successful telephone system. Therefore, in the family of telephones, we have sought all kinds:

    • Operator phone
    • User phone
    • DECT wireless phone
    • WiFi wireless phone
    • Meeting room phone
    • Analog phone gateway

    CiscoFamily SnomFamily

    In addition, IP PBXs have an added value, you can use computers and smartphones (Android or iPhone) as telephony extensions, giving much more versatility to the system.



GRN’s VoIP prices

The following table summarizes GRN’s VoIP call rates, for more destination please see the complete list.

Destination Minute price Call establishment rate
Spain fixed 0.02€/min 0€
Spain mobile 0.06€/min 0€
CEE 0.02€/min 0€
You need to add taxes to these prices