About us

  • GRN Serveis Telemàtics

    We are an independent company which is in operation since July 1995. We were the first ISP in the surrounding region, as soon as this technology was born in the Catalan region and at the moment the only way to connect to the Internet was through a phone line and a 14.4Kbps modem.

    Our commitment with Girona has led us to consolidate our position as a leader in the Internet industry in our region. We offer support and consulting services, both private and public domains. We know how to help our customers by offering them solutions, each project we accept is a challenge for us. Our main customers are small and medium companies. We transmit knowledge and experience. Our strengths are proximity, flexibility and personal service, key concepts in the Internet world where our competitors are larger companies with large marketing departments, but they lack the service companies closer to the costumer like our company can offer.

    Since our origin, we have always been a company committed to quality. That’s why all of our customers are companies that know how to appreciate the importance of good service and technical support. We have the latest technology in hardware, software, and connectivity. This allows us to offer the best performance in all our services.



    l'equip de GRN al Gra de Fajol

    Part of GRN team on Gra de Fajol peak

  • Our connectivity

    Our datacentre

    Our datacenter is located at our facilities in Girona. It is equipped with the necessary measures to provide uninterrupted service 24 hours: generator to ensure electricity supply in the event of interruption, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure supply while the generator system is starting, HVAC to ensure that servers are working at proper temperature and redundant Internet connectivity through various operators.
    We monitor all relevant parameters affecting the servers and services, in order to act quickly and proactively to any technical incident. Most of these parameters are also available in graphic form to detect objectively the future needs of the datacenter.

    Our servers

    In GRN we use server of different brands (Supermicro, IBM, HP and Dell) with the common factor using Intel Xeon and GNU/Linux. The disks are redundant RAID systems. Our concern is the reliability of the servers and the minimum recovery time in case of incident, that is why always choose the features that give us more confidence and control that servers need.

  • GRN began offering e-mail and connectivity services to Internet in July 1996. At that time, Internet connections were made using a modem and a phone call. The appearance of GRN meant to people residing around Girona the possibility to connect to the Internet by making a local.
    In those early days the infrastructure was simple: a line of FrameRelay gave 64Kbps connection to the Internet, an IP pool of 256 addresses, a Pentium computer running Slackware Linux Operating System (installed by floppies) was the gateway to customers with a modem connected to a BBS Galactibox through one of our 14 14400bps modems.
    FrameRelay line grew until it was necessary to hire an E3 line (34Mbps) and later by the several current point to point fiber Gigabit Ethernet. Modems grew in number to 48 with 56000bps speed and later were replaced by a pair of ISDN PRI lines controlled by  Cyclades device which is still in service. With the Cyclades we provide ISDN connectivity  and It was widely used at the time of the lines Novacom. The servers were growing in number and power as the Internet grew in number of users and services, but we have always had in OS Linux core system (with all variety of distributions, Slackware, RedHat, SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu).
    Much has happened in the world since those early days of the Internet and as an example here we show our website at the end of the last century:

    Lately, from year 1999 to year 2005 GRN website was the portal girona.com. Later GRN webpage was again the home page of the company and its products. The homepage of GRN from 2005 to 2011 had this aspect.

Online store news

GRN reruns its online store with a new engine and new products. In addition to products for firewalls and VoIP PBXs, we released new sections to reinforce the philosophy maker[...]