sms_grnIn addition to communicating with your customers via email, you might want to use the short message service SMS. This service will send the information you want so much more quickly and directly.

The operation is very simple, you can simply buy one of our packages of sending SMS and from the web interface you can set target groups, templates and other customization options.

From there, each SMS you send will be discounted from the credit in your account.

GRN uses an open source platform, so if you need we can adapt it to your technical requirements. Through an API we can integrate our platform with other platforms, such as the software SG2Solutions that is already integrated with our platform.

Quantity of SMS Price
500 50€
1000 90€
5000 400€
You need to add taxes to this prices

Screenshot of the SMS platform

If you are interested, you can also use remote commands to make submissions directly from your program or from your website. Ask for information to