New VoIP packs, IP Fax and SMS services

With the new VoIP minutes packets, the IP Fax send/receive service and the SMS sending service we have completed our telephony services offer.

Asterisk, the opensource telephony solution

Asterisk is a software that turns a computer into a complete communications solution. With Asterisk we can develope an Asterisk PBX, a voice converter VoIP, Call Centers, voicemail, fax, and virtually anything you can imagine related to telephony. Asterisk is an open source project sponsored by Digium.

Openenergymonitor, monitoring energy power

The openenergymonitor project was born to achieve an open hardware platform to measure a reliable and affordable way the energy consumption in everyone home or business.

One of the projects we’ve been doing (in this case Esteve) is a system integrating the Raspberry Pi and openenergymonitor,

Raspberry Pi, a lovely and geek product

The non-profit Raspberry Foundation from UK has designed and produced a low-cost computer for educational purposes. The importance of this project is that you have a complete computer (albeit low power) around 30 € + VAT.
The Raspberry Pi user community is growing dramatically and is becoming a device for all types of inventions.

Online backup service at the GRN Datacentre

Today it is required to backup locally and also highly recommended to make online backups. GRN has an online backup service that fulfills the requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Law that stores copies to our datacenter and using a simple and powerful software that is compatible with Linux,