E-mail filters

filtre_correuThe mail filtering service is the removal of viruses and unwanted emails from your mailbox.

There are two main types of emails to filter: those containing viruses and those containing advertising messages (usually called junk or spam). The filters intercept those messages and avoid entering your mailbox. GRN can offer 2 types of independent filters:

  • Antivirus filters

Antivirus filters analyze the content of emails for viruses. If an email is infected by a virus will be removed before being delivered to the mailbox. This prevents viruses to arrive in our mail client and add a high level of protection against such threats.

  • Antispam filters

The spam filters analyze email content to determine if it is spam. If so, the filter leaves the message for a week in a server folder. The folder you saved the spam can be accessed via webmail or IMAP as the spam filters can not ensure 100% efficiency and if it falls  we need a mechanism so that the message can be recovered.

The spam filters were constantly autolearning how to detect these emails, as spammers always try their spam mails to be delivered. Filtering level can be configured and GRN recommend not using too strict levels because it is better to receive a spam mail than losing good one dropped by the filter.

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