Arduino and the opensource movement

When we talk about OpenHardware we are talking about all this devices whose specifications, schmatics and internal characteristics are known by its comunity of users. We apply the same filosophy of OpenSource to the world of electronics. We have to remember that open is not the same as free.

One of the first OpenHardware platforms and, certainly, the most famous is Arduino. This platform is based on the microcontrollers Atmel Atmega series. In its history It have appeared different versions aimed at different types of projects, varying power microcontroller, size or functionality. The grace of these types of platforms is that you can buy it at the official website for a small fee, or make your own custom development, but in all cases you have lots of expansions (called Shields), a large community of users and an endless source of resources, documentation, examples, etc … from there the only limit is your imagination.
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