Monthly Archives: February 2013

GRN renews its web

We had to do a facelift to our website and we’ve done it! Apart from cosmetic changes to conform more to the times, we have made changes that allow accessibility from mobile devices such smartphones and tablets. In addition, we have added new products, we have expanded the information and, importantly, we have incorporated the prices of most products.

We hope you like this new layout, continue making small improvements and welcome any suggestions!

GRN sponsors FLL Girona teams

As usual, GRN sponsors robotics La Salle Cassà’s school teams. These teams participate in the FIRST Lego League Girona. This year there have been two teams and one Junior FLL team. In the picture you can see the 3 teams with their coaches.

The Geeks de la nit team has won the award for best coach: “Recognition to the coach who has excelled in their dedication, patience, guidance and devotion.” This group consists of 6 boys and girls in 2nd and 4th ESO. The Androids Cassà  is other team that has won the award for Robot Design: “Recognition to the team that has surprised by its innovative and creative work globally in mechanical design, programming and Robot Strategy and Innovation.” The group consists of 10 boys and girls ranging from 5th grade to 4th ESO.

For the first time in Girona also made ​​a smaller meeting (early primary grades) with the presence of a third group of La Salle Cassà. The group was called MonsterHigh Cassà and consisted of 5 girls from 2nd to 4th grade.

You can see pictures of our teams on the website of AMPA school.

At the posts of the site the Foundació Princep de Girona has more information about the event.

To learn more about the FLL can go to the official web site in Catalan or English.